RESOLVED - Our engineers have identified the issue and have implemented the required fixes. Currently we are monitoring for any further issues however service access should be restored.

Please do reach out via support case if you are still having issues.
Posted  Aug 07, 2022 - 02:38 AEST
Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.
Aug 7, 00:37 AEST
Update - Network engineers are continuing to work through the remainder of affected network devices. Impacted network services will continue to be restored over the next few hours and we recommend to continue to monitor your workloads for their restoration.
Aug 6, 22:36 AEST
Update - Engineers are aware of new issues arising with our Melbourne network and are investigating the cause of the problem
Aug 6, 21:19 AEST
Identified - Engineers have advised that Cloud Services should now be restored, however some services within Equinix SY3/SY4 facility are still experiencing issues.

Restoration of these services which remain offline are presently underway and we hope to have further updates provided soon

Aug 6, 19:55 AEST
Investigating - We're aware of service disruption within our Sydney region some services are affected by this incident will experience routing issues. Our team is investigating as an urgent priority to get this resolved.
Aug 6, 17:31 AEST


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